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Hello Wonderful Speaker!

Thank you for generously participating in this heart-centered summit. Together we will be inspiring harmonious, confident families all over the world! 

Imagine if the whole world knew about this event… imagine empowering parents and educators so that we can all work together to support children with ADHD! 

So, a great big thank you for sharing the details with your audience. Our goal is to have 100,000 parents attend this conference. Please encourage them to register for their FREE ticket using your unique speaker link.

On August 1, our landing page for the summit will be ready to go. We ask that between August 1-13, you: 

  1. Send 3 emails to your audience
  2. Post 3-4 social media posts 

Our top three promoters will choose the charity of their choice for us to make a donation to. It will be a win-win-win.

Together, we are making a difference in the lives of families around the world!

Below you will find sample copy, graphics to download, and your unique promo link, which will track your signups. Be sure to use your personalized link – this will help us determine which charity will be receiving a donation.

Timeline for promotion: 

Week of August 1:

  • First email to contacts and at least one social media post

Week of August 7:

  • Second email out to contacts and social media post

August 8:

The day BEFORE your interview goes live (click here to see schedule below):

  • Third email sent to contacts and social media post


August 18:

  • Let your audience know that it is not too late! They can catch the replay on August 19-20


Let us know if you would like to go live with me on your  FB or Instagram to talk about the event and build excitement!

This is an incredibly valuable opportunity for parents to experience. Let’s share our energy and excitement with our audience – the more high vibe we are, the more people will join us and the more children we can help.  

This is a great way to promote yourself so people know about the profound work you are doing. Plus, the more you promote the higher your chance to select your favourite charity to be the recipient of our donation!

Please join our FB community here.

We have made it easy for you:

Sample copy is below for you to cut and paste into your newsletters, emails and social media. Please remember to personalise it, and add your unique promo link.

Please look over your graphics and copy and let us know if there are any changes that need to be made.

Lots of Love,

Lara and The ADHD Village Team

Instructions to Send an Email Promotion:

Set Up Your Emails To Be Sent To Your Entire List (This is the primary source of promotion).

Follow this easy process:

  1. Create your email campaign
  2. Add a subject line
  3. Select the email copy you want to send to your audience from the choices below
  4. Copy and paste that email copy into your email campaign.
  5. Add your promo link, a graphic, greeting, and signature to your email (also below)
  6. Repeat this process for your additional emails

Please remember to personalize it by changing the copy to sound more like you, add a graphic (below), add your promo link and your signature. 

Instructions to set up social media post

  1. Select copy
  2. Include a graphic or promotional video
  3. Add #theADHDvillage 
  4. Tag me on Instagram @TheADHDvillage
  5. Tag collaborators on instagram (see handles below)
  6. Tag me on FB @LaraDawn @theADHDvillage



Vanessa Naja


Allison Michelle Conlon, OTR/L


Olive Hickmott BSc, NLP Practirioner, NLP Coach, ENLP Coach


Jessyka Coulter, CEO & Founder, Ace Cookie Tutoring & Study with Jessy


Shlomo Radcliffe, MA, RP, CAMS-II


Kristin Wilcox, PhD.


Sean G. McCormick, M. Ed.


Nikole Mitchell, CEO of Nikole Mitchell Inc.


Sonali Vongchusiri, Sensitivity, Needs and Regulation Parent Coach


Cynthia Soszka, Psychic & Intuitive Healer


Kolby Kail, M.S., CCC-SLP, COM®, Parenting and ADHD Coach


Christine L’Abbe, CEO of Evolve Movement, Pediatric NeuroMovement Practitioner, Conscious Parenting Coach and Author


Melissa Schwartz


Karen Tui Boyes CSP QbE


Kathy Flaminio, CEO/Founder movemindfully-MSW, LGSW, E-RYT 200


Sandi Schwartz, M.A.


Seth Perler: Executive Function, ADHD & 2e Coach




Elizabeth Sautter, MA CCC-SLP


Dr. Joel Gator


Founder, BrainWorx


Diane Dempster, CPC, PCC Parent Coach & Co-Founder ImpactParents.com


L. LaShawn – ADHD Cutie; author, speaker, retreat coach


Allison Leigh Solomon, ADHD Parent Coach


IngerShaye Colzie


Stephanie Pinto, Emotional Intelligence Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Parent Coach


Sarah Nykoruk


Dana Kay, CEO and founder of the ADHD Thrive Institue


Jennifer Kolari MSW, RSW



Allison Leigh – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/allisonleigh

Allison Michelle – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/allisonmichelle

Alma – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/alma

Christine – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/christine

Cynthia – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/cynthia

Dana – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/dana

Diane – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/diane

Edward – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/edward

Elizabeth – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/elizabeth

Inger – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/inger

Jennifer – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/jennifer

Jessyka – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/Jessyka

Joel – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/joel

Karen – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/karen

Kathy – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/kathy

Kelly – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/kelly

Kolby – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/kolby

Kristen – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/kristen

Lara – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/lara

Lillian – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/lillian

Linda – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/linda

Melissa – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/melissa

Nikole – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/nikole

Olive – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/olive

Sandra – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/sandra

Sarah – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/sarah

Sean – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/sean

Seth – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/seth

Sharon – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/sharon

Sonali – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/sonali

Stephanie – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/stephanie

Delia – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/delia

Jenny – https://calmingtheadhdfamily.com/jenny


GRAPHICS: (Right Click To Download)

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