Stephanie Pinto

Emotional Intelligence Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Parent Coach

topic: The Power of Emotions Unleashed: Embrace, Empower, Evolve!

about this speaker:

Stephanie Pinto is an Emotional Intelligence author, speaker and coach who specialises in helping parents to create an Emotionally Intelligent family culture at home. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, paediatric anxiety therapist, and previous speech pathologist. Stephanie is the founder of Let’s Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids, an online community of over 90,000 parents. Her ground-breaking book, From Chaos to Connection, was published in March 2023 and was an immediate Amazon Best Seller.

Stephanie regularly speaks on international conferences and contributes to parenting publications. Stephanie’s passion for emotionally intelligent parenting has been recognised by Ausmumpreneur and Women With Altitude, having been an awards finalist 3 years in a row. 

keypoints about our chat:

Join us for an exclusive interview with acclaimed author Stephanie Pinto as she unravels the profound impact of emotional intelligence on parenting. Learn how embracing emotional intelligence can strengthen family bonds and transform your parenting journey.

Stephanie will delve into the essence of emotional intelligence, highlighting the importance of understanding and acknowledging our own emotions and those of our children. By learning to see beyond behavior and recognizing the hidden emotions beneath the surface, parents can respond with empathy and compassion, creating a harmonious family environment.

Gain practical tips on managing reactions and embracing all emotions, even the challenging ones, to foster emotional growth and freedom. Stephanie will provide actionable steps to bring emotional intelligence into your family straight away.

Don’t miss this life-changing interview and empower yourself as a parent to build lasting connections and nurture emotional well-being within your family.

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