Sharon Chemello


topic: From Differences to Unity: Unleashing Inner Strengths, Confronting Bullying, and Building a Stronger Team!

about this speaker:

Sharon Chemello, aka Aunty Shazza, The Families Whisperer, mum of millennials and half their friends, teacher and families coach. Helping families transform. Author of Emoji: 50 Easy Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Find your Happy Face!

The Go -to Wellness guide for all ages. Especially helpful for neuro divergents. she works online with families to build a team, create a team name, a vision board, a chores board and teach better communication. Also working on bullying and wellness strategies. Tough Love Coaching: Heart Centred coaching for families. Contact through messenger any time.

keypoints about our chat:

Get ready to be inspired and uplifted as you join me in a captivating interview with Sharon, the renowned “Family Whisperer” and author of the life-changing book, “Emoji: 50 Easy Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Find your Happy Face!” As a mum to millennials and their friends, Sharon’s expertise in navigating family dynamics is unparalleled.  In this interview, Sharon will guide you through simple yet powerful techniques to transform your family into a united team. She emphasizes the importance of viewing the family as a team, similar to sports teams, to help children understand their role and value. Sharon also mentioned that meditation is recommended as a way for parents to bring calm into their families. Her approach involves creating mission statements, vision boards, and effective communication styles which builds amazing connections and cooperation in the household.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to strengthen your family bonds. Join Sharon’s talk and embark on a journey of love, understanding, and joyful teamwork. See you there!

free gift: Sharon’s eBook: Emoji: 50 Easy Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Find your Happy Face! The Go -to Wellness guide for all ages.

Details: An easy to read ebook from 10 to 100. (Kindle) A dip in a book.

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