Seth Perler

Executive Function, ADHD & 2e Coach

topic: How to Support Your Child's Executive Function Skills so That They Can Get A Job!

about this speaker:

Seth runs The Executive Function Online Summit, or TEFOS, which is an incredible, free event that serves over 90,000 parents, teachers and therapists in over 60 countries. It’s packed with practical expert strategies to support children of all ages. Check it out at Executive

Seth wears a lot of hats in the Executive Function, Neurodiversity, ADHD, 2e and Education worlds; speaker, coach, educator, vlogger, and guy who cares about seeing outside-the-box kids succeed. At the heart of it, Seth helps struggling learners turn it around in a baffling system, so they can launch a successful future. His weekly vlog, gives parents and teachers game-changing answers in a sea of misguided educational fluff.

keypoints about our chat:

In this session, Seth will  unlock the secret to being the best parent for your child by embracing self-compassion and letting go of guilt and shame. Join this talk to learn how to silence your inner critic, celebrate your parenting journey with all its ups and downs, and appreciate the profound impact you have on your child’s life. Seth allows you to discover the power of resilience and self-affirmation as you become the hero your child needs, and leave with the tools to nurture a loving and confident parenting approach. Don’t miss this awesome interview with Seth! 

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