Sarah Nykoruk

Certified Master NeuroCoach TM, certified RRT tapping coach

topic: Rehumanizing Learning: Strategies for Teachers in Creating an Authentic, Connected Community

about this speaker:

Sarah is an outstanding and innovative coach and leader with inspiring vision. She is a true changemaker in the world. She is a certified Master Neuro Coach and Neuro Coach Instructor, a certified RRT tapping coach, and the host of the Teaching Little Brains Podcast.

Sarah has been featured on various summits and podcasts, sharing her passion and expertise around neuroscience, neuropsychology, mental and emotional well-being, and supporting thousands of families, educators, and individuals in becoming more confident, centered, and self-aware. Sarah helps people understand, embrace, and leverage the natural plasticity of their brain, so they can replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones, and consciously create a life they love

keypoints about our chat:

Calling all educators! Get ready for a game-changing interview with Educational Leader, Sarah Nykoruk. This is an absolute must-watch if you want to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all learners including those with ADHD.

Sarah will share powerful strategies to rehumanize learning and build an authentic, connected community within your classroom. Discover how sprinkling academics amidst a safe and emotionally-regulated atmosphere can lead to remarkable results for your students.

Witness the transformative shift from teaching to co-learning, where you, as a teacher, become a valuable co-learner alongside your students. Embrace the mantra “Together we rise,” lifting each other up and fostering a sense of belonging.

Don’t miss out on the Awesome Protocol—an absolute magic tool for ADHD brains. Learn to leverage the power of this protocol to unleash your students’ potential and nurture their strengths.

Community building becomes a breeze with innovative techniques like “speed dating” / “inside-outside circle.” Strengthen staff connections, encourage diverse perspectives, and create an atmosphere of understanding and camaraderie.

Join us as Sarah Nykoruk dives deep into her wealth of knowledge and experience, guiding you towards becoming an exceptional educator. Say goodbye to negative self-talk and sensitivity to criticism, and anchor your students’ learning experience with tapping techniques and other effective strategies.

This interview is your gateway to transforming education and empowering ADHD learners. Be part of this enriching experience and equip yourself with the tools to build a thriving, supportive, and inclusive learning community. Tune in and embrace the journey toward becoming an exceptional educator for all your students. 

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