Olive Hickmott

BSc, NLP Practirioner, NLP Coach, ENLP Coach

topic: How Simple Visual Skills Can Ease ADHD Symptoms

about this speaker:

Olive Hickmott is a Forensic Health and Learning Coach. A reformed Dyslexic and ADHDer she created Empowering Learning to enable highly creative, imaginative, neurodivergent students to learn in the most effective way for them, that is typically through their strengths of mental imagery.

She is an Advocate for Neurodivergent Students and the architect of the New Perspectives series of personal development books and author of The Elephants in the classroom, Bridges to Success, Seeing Spells Achieving, You too can ‘do’ Health, Recover your energy

keypoints about our chat:

Discover the magic of mental imagery in Olive’s insightful talk! Learn how kids can have fun with their favorite things, think creatively, and solve problems with ease. Find out the secret to a calm and focused family life through nose breathing. Unleash your child’s imagination, boost their confidence, and embark on a delightful learning journey together. Don’t miss Olive’s enchanting talk—it’s going to be amazing! 

free gift: Free live classes on Olive’s website.

Details: In this free webinar, you’ll discover the significance of mental imagery and how it can enhance literacy while reducing anxiety in Easy Literacy for Dyslexia. Learn how understanding driving behaviors can lead to a calmer family life in Thriving with ADHD. Additionally, The Art of Energy offers a study guide with meditations for both adults and children

Get yours here: http://www.visualkids.co.uk

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