Jessyka Coulter

CEO & Founder, Ace Cookie Tutoring & Study with Jessy

topic: Unlocking the Love for Learning: Empowering Teens with the Keys to Success

about this speaker:

Jessyka Coulter is the CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring and Study with Jessy. Her company offers study skills tutoring and executive functioning skills coaching through her Love to Learn study program because she knows schools offer a 1-size-fits-all curriculum that doesn’t meet every student’s personal learning needs. When teens don’t know HOW to learn, they don’t enjoy school. But, when students discover HOW to learn through the study skills Jessyka teaches, they love to learn.

While teaching teens study skills is the most important aspect of Jessyka’s work, she also offers private 1:1 content tutoring online for ACT and SAT prep (all sections), proofreading high school & college papers, essay writing, and all core middle school subjects because she knows the immediate hurdle is that low grade.​ Ask her about her lesson bundles that include content tutoring AND her Love to Learn study program.

keypoints about our chat:

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Jessyka Coulter, CEO of Ace Cookie Tutoring and Study with Jessy! Jessyka discusses how to encourage students to love learning with personalised study skills. She shares ways for uncovering the keys to helping students thrive by giving them targeted 1-on-1 tutoring, recognising learning styles, particularly for children with ADHD, and how collaboration between instructors and parents is essential to making study successful and fun! Don’t miss out on this interview, and let’s make studying more enjoyable with Jessyka’s advice! Let’s bring out the best in your children!

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