Diane Dempster

CPC, PCC Parent Coach & Co-Founder ImpactParents.com

topic: Unleashing the Parenting Potential: Breaking Free from Worries, Guilt, and Frustration!

about this speaker:

Diane Dempster, MHSA, CPC, PCC is a professional coach, speaker, author, and educator with 20 years of corporate leadership experience. Diane is the co-Founder of ImpactParents.com, a coaching organization for parenting neurodiverse kids, co-creator of Sanity School® Behavior Training program for Parents, and co-host of the Parenting with Impact Podcast.

An experienced leader, expert in change management, and all-around life-sherpa, Diane helps clients create deep, sustaining change and open their eyes to life. And no one needs this more than parents of complex kids. Diane received a Masters from the University of Michigan and coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

keypoints about our chat:

Get ready for a transformative and liberating interview with Diane that will revolutionize your parenting journey! Discover the deep-rooted worries, shame, guilt, and frustration that often lurk beneath the surface of family dynamics, hindering us from becoming the parents we aspire to be. Diane’s insights will empower you to break free from these challenging thought patterns and embrace the parent you’re meant to be.

If you’ve ever wondered how to unleash your full parenting potential, this interview holds the key. Diane will shed light on the most common concerns parents share when seeking help and the underlying emotions driving these worries. Gain valuable tools and strategies to shift your relationship with these patterns and step into the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

Learn to recognize triggers, reclaim your brain, and create new empowering thoughts. Diane’s expertise will lead you through the process of handling “rude” or challenging behavior with compassion and understanding.

Join us for this life-changing interview that promises to empower you to face parenting challenges with grace, patience, and resilience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your parenting journey and build stronger connections with your children. Tune in now and take the first step towards becoming the parent you’ve always wanted to be!

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