Dana Kay

CEO and founder of the ADHD Thrive Institute

topic: Reduce ADHD Symptoms Naturally: Breathing for the Brain

about this speaker:

Dana Kay is a Board-Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner, two times international best selling author and the CEO and founder of the ADHD Thrive Institute, and the creator of the ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program. As a mother of a child with ADHD, she knows firsthand the struggles that come with parenting a neurodiverse child, but she also knows the freedom that is possible once parents learn to reduce ADHD symptoms.

Dana has been featured in Forbes, Authority Magazine, Medium, Influencive, Thrive Global, and various others. She has also been a guest on multiple parenting and ADHD summits and podcasts. Her mission is to help families reduce ADHD symptoms naturally so that children with ADHD can thrive at home, at school, and in life.

keypoints about our chat:

Parents attending Dana’s session will learn about the powerful effects of holistic health and nutrition on reducing ADHD symptoms in their children. The session will highlight the importance of a “food first” approach to ADHD support, exploring the gut-brain connection and how it relates to ADHD. Alongside nutritional changes, you’ll learn about other steps you can take to support your child naturally, including addressing underlying stressors and reducing them through natural means. Dana also guides us through some lovely breath work – so enjoy this moment of mindful breathing that is bound to regulate your nervous system. By the end of the session, you will have a deeper understanding of how to support your child’s health and well-being in a holistic, natural way. Don’t miss it!

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