Alma Galvin

Founder of BrainWorx

topic: Workplace Wellness, Happy Home: Balancing Energy for a Fulfilling Life!

about this speaker:

Alma Galvin – 1996, both of her children were diagnosed with severe autism, ADHD, Sensory Disorder, and more. One doctor even told her to put her oldest son in an institution and move on with her life. That’s where her journey began… It took her 7 years to discover some powerful new techniques that were scientifically proven to promote brain development. They literally changed her life! When she started using these techniques, her children’s challenges improved more in just a few months than in all the 7 years combined! In fact, the changes were so dramatic that other parents noticed and started asking her to work with their children.

That’s how BrainWorx was born. For the past 20 years she have worked with thousands of families to help their children overcome anxiety, overwhelm, distractibility, foggy thinking, procrastination and much more. What she has found was that movement changes the brain, which allows us to have more functions, and having more functions allows us to have greater ease in life.

keypoints about our chat:

Are you a parent trying to strike a balance between work and family life while managing stress and raising a child with special needs? Look no further! In this interview with Alma, we delve into the secrets of taking care of yourself in the workplace while having an abundance of energy to cherish your family.

Discover valuable insights on reducing parental stress and learn from Alma’s expertise on the most common mistakes parents make while juggling a job and raising children with special needs. Gain practical tips on how moms can help their families thrive despite the challenges they face.

During the interview, Alma shares essential techniques like setting intentions consciously, being present and connected, and finding inner calm during stormy situations. Learn how being the calm, safe energy can positively impact your child’s behavior.

Join us for this eye-opening interview filled with invaluable wisdom and practical strategies that will leave you inspired and motivated. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your family’s life for the better. Tune in and take the first step towards a happier and more fulfilled life today!

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Details: What’s happening in the ADHD brain that causes challenges with anxiety and focus How the brain develops naturally with movement Three simple movements that will naturally calm the ADHD brain How does Neurological Reorganization work and how does it create permanent improvements What is Reflex Integration and why is it so important for brain development How do people improve ADHD challenges in just a few short weeks.

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