AllisonMichelle Conlon


topic: The Power of Being Present: Love and Acceptance Through Art

about this speaker:

Allison Michelle (Conlon) is an audacious single boymom/earthmother, licensed occupational therapist, and artist, who supports other mothers who are struggling to parent their angsty and creative teen daughters and nonbinary teens. She shows parents how to release shame and other blocks in order to live their highest truth and presence with their teens and create trust, freedom and deep connection in those relationships.

She believes in the healing power of creative expression and the opportunities for growth, courage, and self-acceptance within the creative process.

keypoints about our chat:

Grab your paper (or print outs of PDFs included), pencil, and colouring materials – this is an interactive session for your AND your kids!

In Allison’s session, parents will learn the importance of releasing fear and shame in ordert to build strong relationships with their children. Parents often feel that their children’s behavior reflects on them, hindering their connection but mostly, children only desire a genuine relationship with their parents. Allison emphasizes that it’s common for children, particularly teens to have fear of judgment and concern over others’ interpretations so this session will teach us that the way we show up, repair mistakes, and demonstrate resilience in front of our children sets a powerful example. That it’s okay to embrace imperfections and to keep trying. Allison also has a beautiful approach on how to improve focus as a brain hack by drawing an infinity symbol.   This session is particularly suited for parents who are eager to deepen their connection with their children through the transformative power of art. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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