Nikole Mitchell

CEO of Nikole Mitchell Inc

 Nikole is a life coach who has taken the world by storm for being a Pastor-turned-Adult-Model. She understands the power of raising children in a sex-positive, body-positive home so they can be confident in who they are, what they want, and in the boundaries they set. Nikole is a single mom of 3 and has gone from food stamps to 7 figures doing what she loves. Through 1:1 coaching and teaching live digital courses, Nikole helps people make money by being their truest selves.

For her expertise, she has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, Dr. Phil, New York Post, Insider, FOX, ABC, NBC, iHeart, and SiriusXM. She has been published in over 25 countries and has over 250,000 organic followers on Instagram. You can learn more about her and reach out to her at

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