Lillian LaShawn Fairley

ADHD Cutie; author, speaker, retreat coach

She’s known as “The ADHD Cutie” but don’t let her fool you though; L LaShawn Fairley Is A Powerhouse On A Mission … Lifting Our Black ADHD Voices is more than just a business, it is a movement. It is a means for black women’s voices to be heard, who are struggling daily with the silent shame of ADHD and EFSD. She is speaking up and out about ADHD in the black community and encouraging other black women to do the same.

She offers speaking and mentoring retreat services to help black women understand the unique neurodivergent brains they have and some strategies on how to improve their Executive Function Skills. She gives them love, support, and empathy so that they learn that they are not alone; they are not a failed or faulty version of normal. “GOD created you on purpose and for a very specific purpose; and HE never makes mistakes.”….ADHD Cutie

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