Elizabeth Sautter MA

CCC-Speech Language Pathologist

Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-Speech Language Pathologist has specialized in social communication, emotional regulation and executive functioning for over 25 years in the schools and her private center. She strives to provide neurodiverse affirming therapy, training, resources and an online course for parents with a passion to make it simple and sprinkled into everyday life as an “add IN, not add ON” to everyday routines and activities.

Elizabeth is the author of Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! Practical Activities to Manage Emotional, Navigate Social Situations and Reduce Anxiety (elizabethsautter.com). She is a collaborator and trainer with The Zones of Regulation team and co-author of The Zones storybook set, Tools to Try card decks and Navigating the Zones game. She strongly believes in supporting regulation and advocacy for all individuals (everydayregulation.com). She resides in California, with her husband, two sons, dog and cat.

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