Diane Dempster

CPC, PCC Parent Coach & Co-Founder ImpactParents.com

Diane Dempster, MHSA, CPC, PCC is a professional coach, speaker, author, and educator with 20 years of corporate leadership experience. Diane is the co-Founder of ImpactParents.com, a coaching organization for parenting neurodiverse kids, co-creator of Sanity School® Behavior Training program for Parents, and co-host of the Parenting with Impact Podcast.

An experienced leader, expert in change management, and all-around life-sherpa, Diane helps clients create deep, sustaining change and open their eyes to life. And no one needs this more than parents of complex kids. Diane received a Masters from the University of Michigan and coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

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