Alma Galvin

Founder of BrainWorx

In 1996, both of Alma’s children were diagnosed with severe autism, ADHD, Sensory Disorder, and more. One doctor even told her to put her oldest son in an institution and move on with her life. That’s where her journey began… It took her 7 years to discover some powerful new techniques that were scientifically proven to promote brain development. They literally changed her life! When she started using these techniques, her children’s challenges improved more in just a few months than in all the 7 years combined! In fact, the changes were so dramatic that other parents noticed and started asking her to work with their children. That’s how BrainWorx was born.

For the past 20 years she have worked with thousands of families to help their children overcome anxiety, overwhelm, distractibility, foggy thinking, procrastination and much more. What she has found was that movement changes the brain, which allows us to have more functions, and having more functions allows us to have greater ease in life.

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